Data Licensing

Data Licensing

Content marketers are demanding more content for their website, social media efforts and email campaigns and turn increasingly to Travelindex for trusted content in the travel vertical. Large corporations and interested parties around the world are using licensed content in content marketing and native advertising. Licensed content is available instantly at a small licensing fee.

A Travelindex customer will extend its global reach with valuable data and, not only does the licensed content bring him significant traffic and visitors, it's also a big win on the bottom line because there are almost no incremental costs. Travelindex will extend its data distribution network by offering licenses on-demand to interested parties around the world. The licensed content keeps the visitors on the licensee's website where the content feed can be fine-tuned to maximize traffic.

Content being licensed is formatted in Extensible Markup Language (xml) and designed to be easily exchanged on the web, and send via a secure connection from Travelindex Media to a subscriber's content management system.

As the content provider of trusted and validated travel information, Travelindex Media, can supply data to Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, large tourism organizations or small, local websites. Travelindex’s database of 500,000 hotels, travel agencies, tour operators and all travel related sectors worldwide contains up to 50 fields of data for each business.

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