Multi-Category Listings

Travel Multi Category Listing
Sometimes one listing just isn't enough. With Multi-Category Listings you can define your business as broadly or narrowly as you like; great for businesses with a wide range of locations or services.

Multi-category listings mean that your hotel, resort, tour company or adventure travel operator is no longer limited to one category definition but can be found in various categories.

To keep the relevancy of our travel marketplace, additional paid categories must be relevant to your business.

More categories mean more exposure to a broader range of prospective guests and customers increasing your room occupancy and tour buyers with direct bookings.

Travelindex Categories

  • High Impact Positions
  • Brand Recognition
  • More Direct Traffic
  • Keyword Targeted
  • SEO Friendly Anchor Text
  • Free Promoted Listing
  • Highest Return on ROI

Travel index Categories

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