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I cannot find our approved listing?

You received an email confirming that your business listing at has been approved but you cannot find it online; where is it?

With over half-million listings Travelindex is using cache and content distribution technology to speed up search results therefore, even if your listing has been approved, it can take up to 72 hours to be visible online depending on your listing category and you own geo location.

Try searching your domain name from the homepage and you business listing will be displayed on the search results page allowing you to confirm all information.

For faster visibility at and across our network of vertical travel sites, please consider join us as a Travelindex Member and get a whole package of additional benefits including express approval, top positions in categories and search results pages, press release and special offer distribution, photo gallery in profile pages and many more.

How can I add my business at Travelindex?

Simply, navigate to any page and click on “Add your Business” or “Add a Link” in the top navigation menu.

How can I add a my business to a Travelindex Network site?

To add a business to a Travelindex Network site navigate to any of our sites and click on “Add a Link” in the top navigation menu. All sites from our ecosystem have the link but businesses are added to our central data repository and will appear on the respective websites “after” being approved by our editorial team.

The Travelindex Ecosystem includes:
… and many more…

We lost our login credentials, how can we claim our listing?

If you are already a registered User, just login under ‘Login/Join us’, if you are not a Member, register first, and;
> navigate to the listing,
> click View Details,
> at the bottom of your profile page, click “Claim your Listing here!
> login,
> fill the Claim form,
> our team will approve genuine requests,
> you will receive a confirmation email,
> you can now login and add or edit all information from your listing.

Where can I find read more on the Membership benefits?

You can find full details on our membership offering at

What is your policy on data protection regarding personal information? knows that you are concerned on how your personal information is used and shared. By visiting our website or by otherwise interacting with, you agree to accept the practices described in our Privacy Statement. Please read our Privacy Statement carefully.

How can I login or register? Why should I logout?

You will not be prompted for your user name and password until you enter an area reserved for registered users. You can login at any time by using the ‘Login’ link located in the top navigation bar of every page. You should also ‘Logout’ after each session. The ‘Logout’ link is located in the same top navigation bar of each page. Attempts to login more than once per hour without properly logging out will lead to a temporary suspension of your login.

How are your search results ordered; is it alphabetical or just random?

The listing order on our search result pages are listed by our proprietary algorithm, similar to search results on Google. Our members get top positions in searched categories as well as in search results pages for searched keywords.

Are your listings free?

Yes, all our listings are unconditionally FREE. Just register, add your business and if your listing meets our requirements, we will approve it within a reasonably short time (usually within 48 hours). We do not accept paid listings.

How long will my listing remain on

There is no time limit but we however request that you update your information at least twice a year. We will send you a reminder email asking you to update or confirm the validity of your information published on

How many companies does cover? How are they selected? is the fastest growing travel directory on the web. It connects you the largest network of travel and tourism businesses and you can list, with full contact details, your travel or tourism business for free. covers more than 800,000 companies worldwide, both public and private, in over 1200+ activity categories and sub-categories. New companies are added daily. Our own proprietary database contains records on the largest, fastest growing, and most influential companies in travel and tourism. Listings on are unconditionally FREE and any company/business in travel and tourism can be add their information online in our database.

Where do you get your information? What is the source?

Our team of researchers and editors, located on five continents in more than 10 countries, obtain company information from a variety of sources. First and foremost, we ask all companies and organizations that we cover to provide information on themselves, online and offline. Many do; some do not. The information contained in our database is as accurate as we could reasonably make it. In many cases we have relied on third-party information that we believe to be trustworthy but, sometimes, were unable to verify independently.

How can I contact a specific company or senior executive?

For each company (if available) you will find full contact details (telephone, fax, physical address, postal address, skype, instant messaging, etc) and, a link ‘Email direct’ which allows you to contact via email and our online form, the business listed in our database.

How often is your information updated?

The information in our database is update daily by our team of researchers and editors and, online by our users. The information contained in our database is as accurate as we could reasonably make it. In many cases we have relied on third-party information that we believe to be trustworthy but were, sometimes, unable to verify independently.

My business is not in the travel business but I would like to be listed in your valuable content network. is human-edited and you cannot buy a listing on it. All our links are free but each request will be assessed, and only those that meet our criteria and standards will be activated. If you feel your business could fit into, simply Add your listing and our team will evaluate its merit to be listed in related categories.

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